CCTV Feature The “Originality” feature started filming at Guangshen

CCTV Feature | The “Originality” feature started filming at Guangshen


The “Originality” feature started filming

On October 27,2017 CCTV’s originality spirit team came to Guangshen to film the feature of “Originality”, to record the achievements of Guangshen over the past 12 years, leaving an indelible mark on the blueprint of Guangshen. Every scene, from the workshop to the exhibition hall, from the machine to the components, highlights the hard work of Guangshen people as a beam of light, as well as explains the “originality spirit” to pursue perfection of them.

Twelve years of concentration fuels Guangshen to a new level after numerous transformations. In the pursuit of excellence and the craftsmanship spirit of keep improving, Guangshen constantly develops the products, and constantly improves the technology, striving to offer perfect products, so as to provide customers with high-quality commercial refrigeration appliances and truly enhance the lifestyle of human! Manufacturing industry is not only the mainstay of the national economy, but also the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation. China’s manufacturing industry is at a critical stage of its transformation and upgrading. To achieve the goal of transforming from a “manufacturing country” to a “manufacturing power”, from “made in china” to “created in China”, the “craftsmanship spirit” of keep improving appears to be particularly important. The craftsmanship spirit refers to the spirit of craftsman in pursuit of skillfully manufactured, excellent and perfect products. In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the spirit of originality was mentioned repeatedly, which is not only the idea and pursuit of skillfully manufactured products, but also the resolution to constantly absorb the latest technologies and create new achievements. In the past 12 years of development, Guangshen  continuously introduced automated professional production equipment, boasting the most advanced fully-automated production line of the full set of commercial kitchen refrigerator, automatic assembly line of ice cream machine, assembly and testing lines of ice machine, and high-precision laser cutting machine, CNC punch press, CNC bending machine, CNC liquid filling machine, automatic CNC bending machine, large-tonnage hydraulic stretching machine and other industry-leading professional production equipment, laying a solid foundation for the creation and promotion of “craftsman spirit”. “Craftsmanship spirit” refers to the attention to detail, as well as the pursuit of perfect and excellent products; craftsmanship spirit is the meticulosity, and the preciseness to eliminate all defect; it is the patience, the concentration, and moreover, the persistence. It is the craftsmanship spirit helps Guangshen commit itself to the research and development of the field of commercial refrigeration, and achieved extraordinary results: more than 50 national patents, including 4 patents for invention, and the accreditation of new high-tech enterprise obtained in 2016; the accreditation of new high-tech enterprise product for ice cream machine and so on. It is believed that Guangshen will obtain more honors and make more achievements in the future, stepping forward to “created in China” firmly! Guangshen pursues the ultimate “craftsmanship spirit”

Wang Xinbing, the general manager of Guangshen, said: “I’ve developed a habit since entering the commercial refrigeration industry – wherever I go, I will taste local ice creams and compare them with our own ice cream, to gradually improve the taste of ice cream by improving the components of ice cream machine. “ Additionally, he also analyzed the differences in the taste by tasting the ice creams produced from different machines. It is the “craftsmanship spirit” in pursuit of excellence makes Guangshen increasingly perfect in continuously improving processes.

The core of craftsmanship spirit is the pursuit of scientific and technological innovation and technological progress. If the enterprise is the economic lifeline for the development of a country, then an enterprise that takes scientific and technological innovation and technological progress as its mainstay will be the driving source of national development. Our enterprises need the craftsmanship spirit, so does our country!

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